Light on call is an Irish business set up by students of Colasite Ris post primary school, Dundalk. We are selling phone activated lighting systems for football pitches, athletic grounds and other sports grounds. The product is programmed in a way that clubs can easily manage what certain phone numbers can activate the lights and monitor what numbers are activating the lights. We came up with the idea because we were often forced to leave our local GAA grounds during a kick about because we could not access the lights. We also provide an easy way for club members to access lights that involves a credit based billing system so that clubs are not losing money due to the light usage. Clubs can charge whatever price they want for the lights so they can actually make money from the system if they charge slightly above the cost of electricity.

For farms, farmers often find they have high electricity bills during calving season because they must leave lights in their shed on so that they can check thire cameras to make sure the cow is ok at any time during the night. With our system, the farmer can leave the light off and when he wants to check on the cow, he simply dials the number and the lights will turn on for a short period of time and then turn off after, this would save the farmer large amounts of money on excessive electricity.